Hey there!
My name is Kate & I'm studying design at Western Washington University.

Kate Nelson is a student athlete at Western Washington University, where she is a junior studying graphic design and is a varsity coxswain on the women's crew team.  In addition to her studies, Kate maintains the Whatcom Rowing Association website and picks up freelance design work where she can.  Because Kate didn't become focused on design until halfway through her higher education, she has a well rounded approach to design and a broad knowledge base.  She values the understanding that, just as art doesn't exist without the context of culture, design does not exist without content.  

Kate has experience in print-making, responsive web design, mobile application development, typography, and brand identity development.  She is fluent in HTML and CSS and very comfortable using the Adobe Creative Suite.  

Although she now lives in Bellingham, Washington, Kate has strong roots in north Idaho where she grew up.  If she can tear herself away from the computer screen, Kate enjoys getting out of doors for a long run or white water rafting with her family.  
Kate likes cats, the internet, and her dream job would involve working in a place with windows, unlike the design labs at WWU.